Orlando Named Second 'Most Fun' City In The US

Are you surprised with the city that beat us?

September 17, 2018



According to WalletHub, Orlando has made the list to be #2 on the top Most Fun Cities in the US.

Of course we have our theme parks, and people just love to come here for our beaches and vacations, and I wouldn't want to live anywhere out of Central Florida. But Guess who beat us? VEGAS. Which is a bit strange to me becuase, when I think of "most fun", I think of, most fun all around for everyone. When I was in Vegas, I didn't really see much that could appeal to children. It's really not somewhere I would take kids, but then again, kids aren't the ones who spend money.

Are you suprised at the list? Florida and California came up twice in the Top Ten. You can see the full list here.

1-Las Vegas

2-Orlando, FL

3-New York, NY

4-Atlanta, GA

5-Miami, FL

6-Chicago, IL

7-Portland, OR

8-San Francisco, CA

9-New Orleans, LA

10-San Diego, CA