The Perfect Valentine's Movie For Any Stage In Your Relationship

Bring on the tissues and laughs!

February 6, 2019



I'm going to have a pretty uneventful Valentine's Day this year. Actually I don't remember the last time I actually celebrated on the day itself... it's nice to show affection as many days as possible. But I still love celebrating in general. OH! Now that my small feeble mind remembers, this year I'm meeting my girlfriends for dinner and drinks on the 14th. Perfect Galentines! No I'm not neglecting the boyfriend, we'll actually be out of the country for about 8 days, so we'll have our fill of each other.

BUT if you're stuck not knowing what to do with your Valentine, perhaps a cozy night in with the perfect movie!

According to Cosmo, these are the movies suggested depending on the status of your relationship.

  • The Main Official Valentine: A Walk To Remember 
  • The Not Officially Exclusive Date: Forgetting Sarah Marshall
  • The Friend You Like and Have Tons Of Chemistry With - The Switch (This might also be a good time to address it all lol)
  • The Hookup That You're Not Serious About Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl 
  • Your Best Non Judgy Friend - Twilight
  • The Friend That Makes It Known Every Year That It's 'Just A Corporate Holiday' - Lars and The Real Girl
  • Your MomBridget Jones's Diary ( I actually have all 3 movies locked and loaded into my Ipad for my plane ride)
  • The Newly Single Friend - The Break-Up
  • If You Forgot, or Just Don't Care About The Day - Set It Up