Prosecco Will Get You Buzzed More Than Any Alcohol

....It's my Fun Fact of the day!

September 12, 2019

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OK So I already knew this, but now it was just confirmed.

According to TheHeartySoul, beverages like champagne and prosecco, often give you a more of a tipsy feeling. AND there was a study to prove this. You know, I would have participated for free....

It's been proven that it will get you more buzzed, because of the fizz! 

This is what the test involved ....

"The 12 participants gathered in a lab-based research facility for a small but swanky party, and were given two glasses of Champagne each. The participants included six men and six women. Each of them had eaten a standard breakfast about three hours before the test began and did not consume any alcohol 24 hours before the test. 

All the beverages varied according to each person’s height and weight so that each subject drank the same amount proportionally: exactly 0.6 kilogram of body weight. 

However, the researchers gave half of the guest flat drinks — they were whisked with an electric blender beforehand — while the rest sipped or gulped down the fizzy kind, untouched from the bottle. They had 20 minutes to finish their drinks before the researchers tested their alcohol levels. Those who drank the flat beverages assumed it was wine, not degassed champagne.The study found that the ones who consumed the fizzy champagne had an average of 0.54 milligrams of alcohol per milliliter of blood, while those drinking the flat beverages had an average of just 0.39 milligrams of alcohol per milliliter of blood. "

Now I can really tell people "I told you so", becuase my Sunday Funday's consist of running to Aldi for their $5 prosecco. CHEERS!