Disney Rumor - Wreck-It Ralph To Replace Stitch's Great Escape!

Now that would be awesome!

August 13, 2018



Everytime you go to Magic Kingdom, there's a chance that 'Stitch's Great Escape' is closed. But everyimt it's open I run into it! It's one of my favorite attractions.

But I completely understand refreshing things.

The latest rumor , according to WDWNT, is that a Wreck-It Ralph attraction is coming in. It's supposedly going to be virtual reality, although Disney CEO Bob Iger mentioned in the past that they don't plan to add any VR attractions. With the second Wreck-It Ralph movie set to be released in November this year, there is also a rumor that attractions will open up in Disney Springs and Downtown Disney locations.

So while there is the possibility of Ralph taking over for Stitch, It most likely won't be a VR attraction in Tomorrowland, although- being Wreck-It Ralph, it would make a bit more sense, to be. Keeping an eye out on more rumors!

Hey , I'm all for refreshing attractions, just don't touch Space Mountain, Haunted Mansion, and Small World, OK?