Susie & Michael's Wedding Photos!

I decided I'd finally share some on our 1 month anniversary!

April 14, 2020
Chris Gillyard Photography

It's been exactly one month since Michael and I got married. We were quite fortunate. It seems the weekend after us, was when most venues started to shut down because of the Corona virus, and then the government decided to limit events and functions with over 10 people. I know many couples, one in particular who had to postpone and move theirs, while going through the whole process along side me, for their big day. 

Honestly, in no way was I letting this date go to waste. I was marrying this man, one way or another. Thankfully, that didn't have to be the case with us. On what was most likely their last day of working a wedding, we made it count, for sure. I want all the brides and grooms out there to know that the silver lining is there. I don't, and can't relate since we got our chance, but you have each other. Cherish and love each other unconditionally, the day WILL come. I can tell you my whole team worked tirelessly to make magic happen the day of my wedding, and if anything, your team will do just the same, you'll have more time to iron things out, and perfect a bit more! As always, if you need help and advice, you can always reach out to me :) 

Here's our Rustic-Disney themed wedding, complete with a special appearance from Buddy the unicorn, and our very own "Happily Ever After' Fireworks, which were the most incredible surprise!

You can see some (ok 83) of the photos by clicking HERE

My day couldn't have been more magical and thanks to everyone that helped make it so special.