Welp, T Swift Apologized For Putting Joe Jonas On Blast

I can't say I didn't see it coming...

May 15, 2019

Ethan Miller / Staff


Taylor FINALLY decided to apologize over putting Joe Jonas on blast. If you were too young to remember, Taylor and Joe dated back in the day. She got mad with him for breaking it off with her, and basically called him out on Ellen, it was pretty childish. But we've all been there, right?

From Cosmo - "“There’s one [song] that’s about that guy, but that guy’s not in my life anymore, unfortunately. That’s, ouch....We haven’t talked since, but you know what, someday I’m gonna find someone really, really great who’s right for me. [...] When I look at that person, I’m not even going to remember the boy who broke up with me over the phone in 25 seconds when I was 18.”

When Ellen asked more recently what Taylor most embarrassng moment was, Taylor reflected and said “Probably when I, like, put Joe Jonas on blast on your show, That was too much, that was too much. I was 18, yeah. We laugh about it now, but that was mouthy, yeah, some teenage stuff there.” 

Now, years later, Taylor is dating Joe Alwyn, and Joe Jonas is happily married for a bit over a week or two to Sophie Turner, and going on tour with the other Jonas Brothers since they've reunited. Life is good right? Well, I understand the importance of keeping business relationships with successful people. I do like that she apologized, still think it should have been sooner and possibly face to face. Who knows what the future will bring if they run into each other now.

But I can tell you he's definitely had to have seen this....Here's the before (2 min mark) 

::waiting for his response::