Valentine's Day Ideas

I know, I know... it's early!

January 2, 2019



I know! It IS super early to even talk about it, in fact just before Christmas, I saw cards being placed out already! 

To most people I know , couples even, don't care for the 'holiday'. Preaching - you should be grateful every day and not just one. I get it. 

But I figured if you're planning something sweet. Mind as well be a bit prepared?

According to Cosmo. Here are some pretty sweet ideas.

  • Cook a dinner together at home.
  • OR, go out and treat yourselves!
  • See a burlesque show (I never have but I think it would be pretty cool! Definitely different)
  • Go to a concert (::cough,cough:: Michael Buble, Andre Bocelli)
  • Take a brewery or a winery tour
  • Go to a comedy show
  • Drink and do crafts. I know it sounds cheesy, but making something together can be therapeutic and pretty romantic.
  • Get a couples massage - personally I don't care if it's in the same room, all I know is a acupressure gets rid of more than just stress.
  • Get your tarot cards read. - I don't know about this one... what if they tell you both you're doomed? I'll pass lol
  • Take a dance class.
  • Go on a double date.
  • Create your own team and do bar trivia!-Literally one of my favorite things to do, ever.
  • Stroll through a museum. I LOVE Orlando Science Center....there are plenty of great art places around town too!
  • Go rollerskating or ice skating! It's such a fun activity.
  • Play mini golf. It's a fun time, and adorable competition.
  • Go to a theater... I don't mean a movie. I mean a play! You can see a movie anytime. In my opinion.
  • Get a babysitter and just Netflix and Chill. It's OK to stay in! But if you're not used to having the home to yourself, send your kids off with a sitter or family member. It's a completely different environment.