My Trip Back To Magic Kingdom During Annual Pass Preview

Here's how it went.

July 13, 2020

Last week, I got an email about Annual Passholder Preview reservations. I was beside myself, I was so excited, that whoever I was linked with on MyDisneyExperience, also got that reservation, I was feeling generous.

Anyway. Fast forward to Friday, and I was ready. I got in my Minnie Mouse get up, and made my way to Magic Kingdom after I finished work. The walk to the main gate to the monorials was pretty brief. I got through temperature check and metal detectors in record time. From my car to monorial it took exactly 10 minutes. Remember, parking lot trams are not running at this time, you'll need to walk from your car.

I was escorted onto the monorail with 2 other people. We kept our masks on the entire time, as well as our distance. Walking down from the monorial drop off and through the park gates, was....emotional. 

Every Cast Member was so happy and excited and sweet. They had parades planned throughout the day, with all your favorite characters, even ones we don't normally see too often. Merida came riding in on a clydesdale, and there were reports of people even seeing Gaston on a horse, too! You can definitely tell Disney is doing their best in giving us magic that we've been missing.

Masks - With the exception of drinking and or eating, your mask is to stay on at all times. This wasn't too difficult, but not the comfort we're used to. My face was sweating like crazy under my mask. But it I managed. I even have some breathing problems from asthma when I was little, and managed. It's a small price to pay for me to enjoy Florida's theme parks and entertainment. Everyone's different. 

Social distancing - Disney is keeping capacity at 25% for this specific reason. There are markers everywhere in lines. People have been doing a great job staying 6 ft away from each other. In a time before Covid, I was still adhering to this rule. I hate people in my bubble. (Example - when i'm in a grocery store line checking out, and you promptly start putting your things behind mine, almost touching them and stand near me and breathe down my neck like it's going to make my payment go through faster....that's rude. I'm not about that). Cast Members were very attentive when guests wouldn't distance as well from others. They have also put up plexiglass in many areas throughout lines in the parks.

Hand sanitizing stations - Disney has placed hand sanitizing stations at the entrance and exit of each ride. I was SO surprised to see that they never ran out! They do an amazing job replenishing them. I made sure to use them before and after each ride too. I normally carry around a baby sanitizer bottle, but didn't need to use it.

Rides - WALK ON. NOTHING was longer than a 10 minute wait. I was blown away. When was the last time you waiting less than that for Peter Pan's Flight,Space Mountain or Mine Train? I did MANY rides in the amount of time I was there. The only longer one, was Splash Mountain. Everyone is eager to go on the ride before it gets reimagined. However, rumors are that it's unlikely for Disney to change it before their 50th anniversary in 2021.

Disney did a lot with most rides while we were in quarantine. It's A Small World looks brighter, as if they repainted the insides and revamped the kids. We joked that they brushed their hair. Pirates definitely looked a lot cleaner. Less musky, and there were hints of new smells in different areas which was a nice change! Don't worry your favorite 'OLD RIDE' smell is still at Haunted Mansion and Pirates.

Cleaning - Disney was keeping up with the rides nicely. They were closing down rides for an amount of time, throughout the day, to properly sanitize the seats and carts. They were filling in every other cart. When it came to Small World and Pirates of the Caribbean, I sat in the front and another group was in the last row in the back. When it comes to Country Bear Jamboree and Philharmagic, every other row was closed off. and there was markings to keep seated 6ft apart from the ones around you.

Food- You can grab your favorite Mickey bars and dole whips at the carts and specific locatios, along with other snacks, but most quick service places were only allowing people in, if you had placed a mobile order on your phone, whic you must have the MyDisneyExperience app for.One example is Pecos Bill's. Be Our Guest was literally just a walk on in, the entire day. However, they were only serving the 4 course menu. Skipper Canteen was a no wait, as well. You are allowed to take off your mask once you are at the table.

Rest areas - There are rest areas in the Park for you to sit down and relax without your mask on. I sat in one for about 10 minutes. The tables were sectioned 6ft apart from each other. The break with a bottle of water, helped alot!

Photo pass- There are still photographers ready to take your photos and magic shots around the park. However, I noticed that some of the rides didn't pop up on my band. You can tell I took my mask off for my selfies. It was off for literally 1-2 minutes until my Mickey Bar was devoured. Then put right back on. I'm told photographers won't take photos of you with your mask off.

Overall, I love the changes made to Disney in regards to social distancing and sanitizing and temperature checks. I think it's brilliant and would hate for that to ever go away. I felt as safe as I could. People were not getting into my bubble, and were completely respectful of boundaries. If it were up to me, I would always keep the park open at less capacity. But we know that's not how it will go. Then again who knows when things will get back to our new normal? Maybe limiting capacity and making reservations will end up being our new normal. 

News broke today that Hong Kong Disney shut it's gates again, due to Covid numbers rising. Although we maybe opening now, we don't know that we won't be at limited capacity for a good amount of time, year even.

Until then, Disney really is doing what they can to keep the parks running for us, keeping their cast members employed, and continuing the magic in whichever way they can. Just please make sure you remember kindness to the cast members, this is an adjustment for all of us.

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