WATCH- The Latest Trailer For 'Aladdin'

And yes.... Will Smith is BLUE!

February 11, 2019

(Photo by Jesse Grant/Getty Images for Disney)​


OK OK.... so there has been TON of controversy and disgruntled feelings back in December , when producers teased a bit of the new Aladdin movie. Seems everyone wasn't sure if Will Smith's character will be blue, so Will got back online and reassured us that he will, in fact, be BLUE.

So last night, another trailer was released to maybe excite or put fans at ease. Except it seems it did the exact opposite.... MOST Disney fans are SO annoyed and upset about Will Smith playing the Genie. So we already know that NO ONE...NO ONE could ever compete against our beloved Robin Williams, but Will knows this. I ACCEPT this. That being said, as one of my favorite actors on the planet, I'm happy and hopeful to see what he's got up his sleeve, and how he will recreate the character as his own.

Here's the latest trailer.... what do you think?