Check Out How I'm Saving My Wedding Flowers!

It came out pretty fantastic!

April 9, 2020

It's been almost a month since I got married, and don't worry....out of over 6000 pics... the gallery will come up soon! 

But until then, I really wanted to share with you, what I ended up doing with my wedding flowers. Of course I wanted to keep them. I just didn't I was going to send them away to make this... but then, quarantine happened. I figured, a bit of YouTube training and Pinterest tutorials, and I could actually do it myself.... right?

Well, Michaels was having a HUGE sale once we first started quarantined.... I got this 9 X11 Shadow box for about $10, it was like 70% off! Then, I bought glue sticks for $1 at Dollar Tree. I had to wait a few weeks for the flowers to completely dry, so I hung them up over my sink. They had to be dry, but just right , so they can still bend a bit, without breaking and turning into dust at the touch.

I pulled the flowers gently a part, and seperated them into the kinds that they were. One bundle of roses,a bundle of babies breathe, and so forth. I can't tell you what's in my bouqet off the top of my head. All I know is that Michael and I chose the most fantastic florist, Lee Forrest Design. So I NEEDED to immortalize them in some form. 

Moving forward, I arranged them on my frame, how I'd like for them to be showcased. I clipped off the stems and started gluing. I can tell you it MAYBE took me an hour. Not long at all. But they fit perfectly, once I was done. 

I also wanted to save my ribbon and my AWESOME grape soda pin I gifted my husband, well, this one's the one I kept myself (there's gotta be two since ..... we're in a club now). And yes.... it was a Disney themed wedding :)

There are plenty of tutorials on YouTube. But here's one that's pretty much what I did myself. One day, don't worry, I'll learn how to make these videos, so you can just watch me instead so I get straight to the point ha ha. I still have more flowers left over, and I plan to make a paper weight for Michael's office, for when he get's back to work. And I might even make a ring out of resin for myself too, or maybe a necklace! I mean... I have time.... right?

 Here's what my flowers did look like , I'll show better pictures , once I get them in!

Chris Gillyard Photography