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Rotisserie Chicken Pringles Are Coming Soon

If you like potato chips and you like chicken, I have good news for you!. According to Delish , Pringles is coming out with two new flavors: Rotisserie chicken and parmesan and roasted garlic. There's no word on when they're coming out, they jusy say they're coming soon. New Rotisserie Chicken and... Read More

Here Are The Top Ten Apps On People's Phones!

This seems low but according to Ad Tech Daily , the average American has 20 apps installed on their phone. If you could only have ONE what would it be? A new survey found the top 10 apps we say we can't live without. And they are . . . 1. Facebook, 21%. 2. Instagram, 11%. 3. Gmail, 8%. 4. YouTube,... Read More
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5 Sleep Myths You Shouldn't Believe

Am I the only one that believed this stat all the way up until today? Remember that fact that says the average person swallows 8 spiders a year in their sleep? Well, that's not actually true. A writer back in 1993 started spreading the myth ito show how gullible we all are and we believed it! Well... Read More

Adam's Fun Facts: Pumpkin, Lamborghini, "Gangnam Style" & More!

One of my favortie things is when someone sends me a fact that they want to see in the daily #FunFacts! Number 4 is one of those today! Thanks Amy Jordan!!! Happy FRIDAY: 1. Lamborghini started as a tractor company in 1948. The founder didn't start his car company until 1963. 2. A Swiss army knife... Read More

Toll By Plate Program To Cost A Lot More On Orlando Expressways

Central Floridians are used to paying tolls as the majority of our expressways and even some major roadways are tolled. With new expressways being proposed in various parts of the metro, the Expressway Authority is looking at ways to reduce costs and run more efficently. One way is to encourage... Read More

You're Going To Want To Buy This Jo Bro Beer Just For The Label

Take a sip of your favorite boyband... the Jonas Brothers have teamed up with Coors Light to get their faces plastered on the Coors mountain, like their very own Mount Rushmore. They are now featured on the limited edition packaging on the MillerCoors brew. According to Yahoo , During their time in... Read More

Adam's Fun Facts: Elvis, Whales, Daniel Day-Lewis & More

Today, your 5 #FunFacts will cover Elvis, Whales and Cities in the United States with the largest land area! Here are YOUR Fun facts from Adam: 1. The first whales had legs and swam by wiggling their feet. Over millions of years, those legs evolved into flippers. 2. Daniel Day-Lewis is the only... Read More