Chris Cornell

Unreleased Chris Cornell Songs To Be Released In November

By The Associated Press NEW YORK (AP) — New Chris Cornell music is being released more than a year after his death. Cornell's widow Vicky is behind the new album "Chris Cornell," as well as a four-disc box set. Both will be released November 16. The first track from both projects is titled "When...
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Top 5 Deodorants For Women

Because Florida living calls for the strongest!
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Krispy Kreme Is Celebrating 'National Coffee Day' With A New Glaze

Double the coffee, double the fun?
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Adam's Fun Facts: Spike Lee's Dad, REM, "Game of Thrones" & More

What was the original theme song for the TV show "Friends"? Where are the indoor scenes in "Game of Thrones" filmed? What famous song was Spike Lee's dad the bass player on? All that and more with Adam's Fun Facts!
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What Did You Lie To Your Parents About That They Still Don't Know About?

Do you have a lie that you told your parents when you were a kid and they still have no idea? We heard some great ones this morning on The Morning MIX:
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Isabella From Apopka On Kid Smarts! - 09/20/2018

Isabella is 11 years old and lives in Apopka. She's in 5th grade and loves music, being organized, cheerleading and hanging out with her friends! Do you think she knows anything about soccer? Listen to her play Kid Smarts:
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Could This Really Be This Year's Super Bowl Halftime Performer?

Do you like their pick, if it's true?
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MAC On Sale Right Now!

Time to spend all my money.
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Adam's Fun Facts: Coffee, Kurt Vonnegut, Candy Canes & More!

When were candy canes invented and why? What did Kurt Vonnegut do before he was an established writer? How much of coffees flavor is lost in the first 2 minutes? All that and more with Adam's Fun Facts
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Jessica Simpson And Eric Johnson Are Expecting Third Child

Time to deck out the room in PINK!
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