U2 Reschedules Berlin Concert After Bono Loses Voice

Get well Bono!
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The Morning MIX Presents: Florida Or Anywhere Else In The World? - 08/31/2018

Listen to these stupid criminal stories and decide if they happened in "Florida Or Anywhere Else In The World?"
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The Morning MIX Presents: Why You Smiling? - 08/31/2018

Friday mornings, The Morning MIX asks you to call us and tell us, "Why You Smiling?" Listen to what is making all these people smile:
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Adrian From Orlando On Kid Smarts! - 08/31/2018

Adrian lives in Orlando and is 7 years old. He is in 2nd grade and loves TV, books and reading! Do you think he will know what "LOL" stands for? Listen to him play Kid Smarts
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Do Police Officers Really Issue More Tickets At The End Of The Month?

Don't speed, especially today!
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Adam's Fun Facts: McDonald's French Fries, Green Bay Packers, Syngenesophobia & More!

How many pounds of potatoes are used annually to make McDonald's french fries? How did the Green Bay Packers get their name? What is syngenesophobia the phobia of? All that and more with Adam's Fun Facts!
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Listen To These First Date Horror Stories!

A guy in Calirfornia was arrested for meeting girls on dating apps, inviting them out to nice restaurants for the first date and then ditching out before the bill came leaving the woman there to pay for it! He's facing 13 years in prison now! The Morning MIX wanted to hear YOUR first date horro...
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At What Age Is It OK To Leave Your Child Home Alone?

Currently there is no law in the state of Florida as to what age you can leave your child at home alone. The Morning MIX asked YOU if you made the laws, what age would be the "correct" age to leave your child at home alone? Listen to these opinions:
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Lia From Lake Mary On Kid Smarts! - 08/30/2018

Lia is 6 years old and in 1st grade. She is from Lake Mary and loves playing the piano, singing and her dog Stella! Do you think she knows what state Atlanta is in? Listen to her play Kid Smarts:
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Jay Was Asked To Get His Daughter A Birthday Present From The Mall... He Came Home With WHAT?!?

Jay's wife sent him to the mall to get a specific gift for their daughter. She knows that Jay has a problem with shopping for himself but she never thought he would come home with this!
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