Watch Out For These Six Scams This Holiday Season

It's bad enough that we have to deal with scams all throughout the year. But when they get us close to the holidays and take money away from our holiday shopping, that's even worse. The Better Business Bureau shared a list of scams to be aware of this holiday season and I wanted to share some of...
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The Morning MIX Presents: Florida Or Anywhere Else In The World? - 12/14/2018

It's another round of Florida Or Anywhere Else In The World! We hear a stupid criminal story and you try and figure out if it happened in Florida Or Anyone Else In The World!
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The Morning MIX Presents: Why You Smiling? - 12/14/2018

If you aren't smiling today, you shoudl be and if you need a reason to smile, you can borrow some of these:
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The Top 10 Resolutions We Are Making For 2019!

Personally, I don't plan to wait until January 1st to get things in gear! With the new year approaching and some much needed time off from waking up at 4am, I am going to start getting BACK into running! I used to run marathons for goodness sakes! However, YOU might be waiting until the New Year to...
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Jason Momoa Performs Haka At The 'Aquaman' Premiere

Have mercy.....
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22 Movies To See In 2019

Guess I'll be spending most of my monies on movies!
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Win $100,000 To Not Use Your Cell Phone For A Year!

Could you give up your phone for all of 2019? According to Buzzfeed , if you do, Vitaminwater is willing to pay someone $100K! If they pick you, you'll have to go 365 straight days without using your smart phone, iPad, or anyone else's smart phone or iPad. To prove that you didn't, you'll have to...
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The 10 Things We Googled The Most In 2018

Google Trends wanted to let us know what the world was searching for this year, so they put out their top 10 list. I'll admit, was pretty surprised that it wasn't a famous person grabbing the #1 spot! Here are America's top ten Google searches of 2018: 1. The World Cup, which France won in July...
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Kathie Lee Gifford To Leave NBC's 'Today' Show In April

By MARK KENNEDY, AP Entertainment Writer NEW YORK (AP) — Kathie Lee Gifford will put aside her morning glass of wine and step away from NBC's "Today" show in April. NBC News chief Noah Oppenheim told staffers Tuesday morning that Gifford will leave the show after 11 years of getting up early, most...
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Adam's Fun Facts: Baha Men, Most Expensive Hotel Room, Scrabble & More!

What was the game Scabble originally called? How long were The Baha Men together before they recorded the hit "Who Let The Dogs Out"? What is the most expensive hotel room in the United States? All that and more with Adam's Fun Facts!
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