80's Halloween Mom VS. Today's Halloween Mom

Funniest video of the day!
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Neil Patrick Harris, David Burtka And Family Win Halloween

Beware... of hitchhiking ghosts!
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Orlando Voted 2nd Best Destination For Winter Travel

We know you snowbirds all too well!
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Joel From Maitland On Kid Smarts! The Morning MIX - 10/31/2018

Joel is one of our youngest Kid Smarts player EVER! Listen to him play and see if he brings a smile to your face like he did ours!
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What Popular Candy Debuted The Year You Were Born

You know what's more fun than eating candy on Halloween? Researching candy back-stories on Halloween! OK, maybe I just got really excited to see what candy came out in my birth year, but I think this is really cool! The website Delish.com put together a guide where you can see what candy was born...
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Grant From Maitland On Kid Smarts - The Morning MIX - 10/30/2018

Grant is from Maitland and is 4 years old! Listen to him play Kid Smarts!
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Adam's Fun Facts: Rain Smells, First $100 Million Budget, Tallest Statue In The U.S. & More

Why does rain smell so good? What was the first movie with a $100 million budget? What is the tallest statue in the United States? All that and more with Adam's Fun Facts: 1. Rain smells good because plants secrete an oil into the ground when it's dry and those oils mix with bacteria in the soil...
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Hillary Duff

Hilary Duff And Boyfriend Announce Birth Of Their Daughter

We have celebrity baby news!
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Iowa, New York Home To Winning $688M Powerball Tickets

By JULIE WALKER, Associated Press NEW YORK (AP) — The co-owner of a Manhattan deli where someone purchased one of two Powerball tickets that hit the $688 million jackpot said he likely sold the winning ticket, but he has no idea who won. Jose Espinosa and his father own the West Harlem Deli, which...
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Entertainment: 74th Golden Globe Awards

The 10 Highest Paid TV Actresses

Forbes came out with their list of the 10 Highest Paid TV Actresses and for the 7th year in a row, Sofia Vergara from "Modern Family" is #1. She made $42.5 million over the past year, but not all of that was from her TV salary. She has several endorsements and licensing deals, which are also...
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