Where Did You Get Left Behind?

Where were you left behind? Theme parks? Weddings? New York City? Listen to these stories!
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The Most Popular Candy In Every State

Every year CandyStore.com lists the three most popular Halloween candies in all 50 states. Now keep in mind it's not necessarily the ones we love to eat, rather the ones we hand out the most. So, what should your kids expect to get in Florida? Apparently we like to hand out Snickers the most, go...
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Top Favorite Shows From The 90's

There's some pretty cool facts about them all!
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Meghan Reveals 'Something Blue' She Wore At Royal Wedding

It must be very subtle!
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Olivia From Orlando On Kid Smarts! - 09/24/2018

Olivias was one of the youngest players we have ever had as the star of Kid Smarts and she did great! Listen to her play here:
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Adam's Fun Facts: Long Jumping On Horses, Houston's Size, Pedialyte & More!

When was the last year for the long jump on horses in the Olympics? What percentage of adults drink Pedialyte and what are they drinking it for? What city is larger than New Jersey? All that and more with Adam's Fun Facts!
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You're Not Overweight, You're In Love

The best part of getting into a relationship is that you can finally stop counting every calorie and living at the gym, right? Or wait, is it the love and companionship part? Either way, experts say you're not overweight, you're just in love! According to a new survey from the New York Post ,...
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Susie Weekend Activities : 9.21.18

Movies, Museums and Theater!
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Why You Smiling? - Tell The Morning MIX YOUR Good News! - 09/21/2018

The Morning MIX loves to hear YOUR good news! Call us any Friday starting at 7:20 and tell us, "Why You Smiling?"
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Jim From Longwood On Kid Smarts - 09/21/2018

Jim is in 5th grade and lives in Longwood. This little guy LOVES baseball! He's also really smart and if you don't believe us, just listen to him play Kid Smarts!
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