Lonely & Non-Lonely Jobs

Are These The Jobs Where People Feel The Loneliest And LEAST Loneliest?

Are you feeling lonely at work or are you one of the lucky ones that has a job where you are the least lonely? Here’s where you can find out!
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Adam's Fun Facts

Adam's Fun Facts: Hot Dogs, Big Bird, "Respect" & More!

How did Big Bird almost die in space? Who wrote and originally sing "Respect" before Aretha made it HUGE? What store sells more hot dogs a year than all the Major League Baseball parks combined?
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Best Fries, top 10 french fries

The Top 10 BEST Fast Food Restaurants For French Fries, In Order!

The top 10 places for French fries, ranked in order!
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Morning MIX Kid Smarts

6 Year Old Milania From Palm Coast On Kid Smarts!

Milania is 6 years old and lives in Palm Coast. She is in 1st grade and she loves DOLLS! Do you think she knew the name of Simba's evil Uncle in The Lion King? Listen to her play Kid Smarts! If you play Kid Smarts all this week (3/19 - 3/23) you'll win a $50 gift card to escape the ordinary at...
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Take Down on The Morning MIX - 03/21/2018

Ronnie Took On Berg Who Is Filling In For Jay! It's Take Down!

Ronnie From Debary Against Berg!
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Cheap Cities

The Top 10 Cheapest Cities In America To Live In!

The 10 Cheapest Cities In The United States To Live In
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Spring's Red Sky

Here Are 5 Really Great Tips For Spring Cleaning (They Work In All 4 Seasons)!

The red sky means Spring is here again, time to clean!
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Fast Food Fries

The Top 10 BEST Fast Food French Fries!

See if you agree that THESE are the BEST!
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Adam's Fun Facts! - 03/20/2018

The plural of barista, Trip to he moon, "Guinness Book of World Records" & more!
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