2020's Best And Worst States To Drive In

What are the best and worst states to drive in?
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Gray hair

Scientists Have Finally Figured Out Why Stress Turns Your Hair Gray

How to stop gray hair.
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The Most And Least Stressed States In The U.S.

What are the least and most stressed out states?
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Mark Your Calendar: BTS Is Coming To Orlando

BTS Tour includes stops in Orlando
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Lucky's Market Plans To Close Florida Stores

Yep. ALL but one!
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You'll Spend Two Extra Months In A Relationship To Avoid Breaking-Up

When you realize it's time to end a relationship, do you break-up with the person immediately or will you drag it out for way too long? If you say you avoid the break-up and drag it out, you're not alone. According to The Sun , the average person says they'll usually spend two extra months in a...
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Tim Tebow

It's Official: Tim Tebow Is Married

Tim Tebow is married
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Jay Edwards and Johnny Damon

This Calculator Shows You How Long It Takes Athletes To Earn Your Annual Salary

This is just sad...
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The "Friends" Reunion Special Might Not Happen After All

A "Friends" reunion might not be happening...
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provided image

Community Connection - The Lifeboat Project

Jill Cohen talks about knowing the signs of human trafficking.
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