Advertising Week New York 2016 - Day 4

Dr. Oz Joins Jay And Dana's Morning MIX!

Dr. Oz joins Jay and Dana's Morning MIX to discuss how to tell the difference between a common cold, the flu and COVID.
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Flirting Face Is A Real Thing And Guys Can Easily Spot It

There's something called "Flirting Face" and most guys can easily spot it.
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Neck tie

10 Things We Miss And Don't Miss About Going Into The Office

If you're working from home, chances are you miss at least a few of these by not going into the office.
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Orlando traffic

Morning MIX Traffic Alert

When traffic gets bad in Central Florida, we have the latest info you need to know...
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Magic Kingdom Still Brings Halloween Festivities!

Um YES to the Mickey Pumpkin Waffles!!
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Bike ride

The Top Outdoor Activities That Make Us Feel Like a Kid Again

These ten activities will make you feel like a kid again!
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Taco Bell To Hand Out Free Tacos And Donate Funds To Childhood Hunger Campaign

Taco Bell Released Their First Custom Wine Called "Jalapeño Noir"

Taco Bell now has their own wine!
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Kellogg's To Buy Pringles From Proctor And Gamble For 2.7 Billion

The Most Popular Food Or Snack From The Year You Were Born

What was the popular food or snack the year you were born?
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2/3 Of Single People Have Officially Lowered Their Standards

Two-thirds of singles say they've lowered their standards when it comes to dating for fear of being lonely.
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Baby names

The 10 Most Popular Baby Names For Boys And Girls In The Last Year

Here are the most popular baby names for boys and girls over the last year.
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