The Ellen Show

’Ellen’ Crew ‘Furious’ Over Poor Communication, Treatment and Pay Cuts Amid Coronavirus

Ellen DeGeneres’ employees are upset with the lack of transparency and communication from the production of her daytime talk show regarding their working hours, pay, and the remote show. Read more now.
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Ellen DeGeneres Faces Backlash After Joking That Coronavirus Quarantine Is Like Jail

Ellen DeGeneres is already in hot water just days after resuming her talk show, which went on hiatus due to the coronavirus outbreak. See the details.
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Rumor: Ellen DeGeneres May Be Leaving "The Ellen Show"

Ellen DeGeneres has been a staple on daytime talk since 2003 when her light-hearted talk show debuted. Now in its 16th season, rumors are circulating that Ellen may not renew her contract in 2020. Buzzfeed reports that her wife Portia DeRossi is on team leave the show and go after other ventures,...
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Britney Spears And Ryan Gosling

Britney Spears Reunites With Fellow Mouseketeer Ryan Gosling

The Mickey Mouse Club gets back together on 'Ellen'
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