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Entertainment Ed Sheeran

This Year's Highest-Paid Entertainers And Athletes

Want to know how much money Ed Sheeran, Kylie Jenner and Floyd Mayweather made last year?
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Here's How To Have Good Luck On Friday The 13th

Turn that bad luck into good luck!
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Six Common Misspellings That Don't Get Caught by a Spellchecker

Do you misspell one of these six words?
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Orlando Voted #1 City For Parks, Recreation And More

Orlando is the #1 city to get outdoors for some family fun!
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5 Things That Should Never Be On Your Resume

Don't turn in your resume until you read this!
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Lose Your Phone? This Trick Triples Your Chances Of Getting It Back

Try doing this to your phone before you lose it.
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In love

Five Ways To Bring The Spark Back In The Relationship

How long does it take for the "spark" in a relationship to fade? According to a recent survey on SWNS Digital , 2,000 people said 5 years and 2 months. The survey also asked people to name the top signs a relationship is losing its spark and the five most common answers were: Lack of intimacy, no...
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Introducing: Wine Flavored Water

Would you drink water that tastes like wine?
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You're Not Lazy, The Average Home Needs Nine Repairs

This is good news as far as I'm concerned! It turns out everyone is just as lazy as me! According to a new survey on the New York Post , the average home needs nine different repairs right now and a third of us have been putting off at least one of them for over a year at this point. Wait, just one...
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The Top 10 Signs You Have Your Act Together

How many of these have you achieved?
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