Eureka 2018

Adam's Fun Facts: Baha Men, Most Expensive Hotel Room, Scrabble & More!

What was the game Scabble originally called? How long were The Baha Men together before they recorded the hit "Who Let The Dogs Out"? What is the most expensive hotel room in the United States? All that and more with Adam's Fun Facts!
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Break The Tie: What Is America's Favorite Christmas Movie?

We could debate this until we're blue in the face, because everyone has a favorite Christmas movie. So, to help, YouGov conducted a survey and asked America their favorite holiday movie and we have a tie! More than 1,200 Americans were given 20 Christmas movies and TV specials to choose from and in...
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The 10 Best Movies Of 2018

Rolling Stone released their list of the Best Movies of 2018 and this is sad, but I haven't seen a single one of them. I'm not much of a moviegoer, but even I tthought I would have seen at least one of them! I guess I know what I'll be doing over the holidays, seeing at least one! "Green Book" has...
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Some Tips To Help Avoid Having Packages Stolen From Your Porch

You've seen the videos on the news and heard the horror stories from your friends and neighbors. People are driving through neighborhoods and stealing packages left at the door. It's not a new thing but it seems to be happening more and more and the cameras aren't detering these criminals! Here are...
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Kiley and Dad

The Top 10 Ways Parents Embarrass Their Kids

No matter how cool I think I am, my 15 and 13-year old still think yoI'm probably the least cool person on the planet. A new survey asked kids between 8-17 years old to name the most embarrassing things their parents do and here's their top 10: 1. Telling people stories about me or showing them...
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"People's" 25 Most Intriguing People Of 2018

People Magazine put out their annual list of the 25 most intriguing people of the year. Once again, I didn;t make the list, but that's because it's actually a good list of names you'll know. Here's the list, along with quick takes on why each one is intriguing. 1. Michelle Obama . . . Within days...
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Billboard's Hot 100 Songs Of 2018

Billboard loves sharing their "End of Year" lists, but this is a really good one if you need to make a great playlist for your party. They compiled a list of the Hot 100 Songs of 2018 and I think you'll be pretty hapy with most of their choices. Here's the Top 10 and you can see the entire list on...
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Watching Television

The 25 Best TV Shows Of 2018

It's December, so we're all about to be overwhelmed with tons of 'Year-End' lists. Well, TV Guide was quick on the draw and last night they released a list of the 25 Best Shows of 2018. It's loaded with Netflix shows and overall they definitely leaned toward NEW shows, as opposed to things like...
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5 Things You Really Shouldn't Buy In Bulk!

We go to Costco, BJ's and Sams Club so we can buy food in bulk and don't have to deal with the grocery store for a month. The thing is, unless you're shopping for a lot of people, there are some foods you really shouldn't buy in huge quantities according to . Here are five of them: 1...
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Jay Edwards

Five Annoying Things Co-Workers Do That Drive Us Crazy

You know those annoying people at work that you have to try and avoid on a daily basis? From loud gum chewing to stinky cologne and perfume, there are a multitude of things that can get on our nerves. However, Business Insider says these are five of the more common annoyances at work. Do you have a...
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