Gift Ideas

9 Gifts She Doesn't Want For Valentine's Day

Alright guys, if you even remembered that today is Valentine's Day, you're already doing better than some. But, if you just ran in and grabbed the first thing you saw for your Valentine, you might have been better off just getting her a meaningful card. According to Mirror , more than a third of...
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The #1 Thing Guys Want For Valentine's Day

Some guys dread Valentine's Day, but not me! How hard is it to get a nice card, make an awesome dinner and get some flowers or a sweet treat they love? Well, we talked about what women want for Valentine's Day on the Morning MIX the other day. But what do guys want? Well, according to a new poll...
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The Top 10 Things Your Mate Truly Wants For Valentine's Day

I feel like I'm pretty good at planning Valentine's Day. I usually get tulips for my wife because those are her favorite, plus a card, some chocolate and I cook a really yummy dinner. Not bad, right? I think if my wife were to give me a grade, I would get a B. However, 58% of people surveyed say...
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