Five Subtle Signs You're More Stressed-Out Than Usual

Feeling a little more stressed than usual? Here are five subtle signs you're more stressed than usual.
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Exercise bike

Great News For People Like Me: Four-Second Workouts Might Be Enough

Research shows short bursts of exercise actually works and is good for the body.
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Tips To Keep Your Home And Work Safe, Courtesy Of The CDC

Tips to keep your home and work safe from the Coronavirus.
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4 Common Habits That Could Make You Sick

How to avoid getting sick.
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CJ Robinson

Checking Back In On My Mental Health

About a month ago I wrote a blog post where I came clean about my mental health. I told you that I just simply wasn't okay and the amount of support and comforting messages I recieved was overwhelming. Well, I thought I owed you a check-in (really it forces me to check-in with my self and truly see...
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What's That Smell? It May Be A Youngin'

Living in Florida we know all too well what heat and humidity does to our bodies. It causes odors and sweat. So we may wear more deodorant that people in other states to off-set the smells of perspiration. However, a surprisingly large number of those ages 18-24 admit they don't wear deodorant. In...
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All Diet Bets Are Off Now, Pizza Is Healthier Than Cereal!

Give me all the meats, cheeses and dough...
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Life Gets Easier Once You Hit 44

According to a new study, at least!
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5 Things We Do to Make Ourselves Feel Healthier

Want to feel like you're living your best life?
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Jay and Adam

The Top 10 Things We Do to 'Feel' Like We're Being Healthy

Do you ever eat really bad foods several days in a row, then do something super-healthy to compensate? Yeah, me too! According to a new survey from the NY Post , here are the ten most common things we do to make ourselves feel healthy again: 1. Eat extra fruits and vegetables. 2. Attempt to eat...
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