My Car's Lane Departure System Freaks Out In I4 Construction Zones

Driving up and down I4 everyday you never know what you'll get. Will it be free-flowing? Will it be a parking lot? Will an airplane land? Seriously, it's all over the place and I say this to transition into what I'm really getting at with this blog post... my new car has all kinds of sensors and...
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Apparently, Florida's Roads Are The Best In The Country

Results of a study by Lvl5 , a company that creates HD maps to be used by self-driving cars, has found that Florida has the best roads in the entire country! Their findings came about by looking at road quality based on paint fading, pavement cracks, potholes and surface flatness. The top five...
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Bad News If You Travel Interstate 4 Near Orlando's Theme Parks

If you live in Orlando or anywhere near Orlando and have taken I-4 over the past few years, you know that it's all pretty much under construction from the Universal Orlando Resort exits all the way to north of Longwood. Video of I-4 Ultimate Flyover Animation Well, just as that piece of the I-4...
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