6-Year-Old Boy Saves Little Sister From Dog Attack: ‘If Someone Had to Die, It Should Be Me’

A 6-year-old boy from Wyoming is being hailed as a hero after throwing himself in front of a dog that was charging for his younger sister. Read about his inspiring story.
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Jeweler Buries $1 Million in Treasure, Sells Maps

As the pandemic has many feeling bored, restless and hungry for the stability only money can bring, a jeweler in Macomb County, Michigan is offering people a unique opportunity to find a million dollars worth of buried treasure.
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Segway Scooters Are Going Away

The Segway is going away.
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Father and Son Survive After Being Crushed by a Tree: 'It's Nothing Short of a Miracle'

The survival of a Nashville father and his 3-year-old son is being hailed as a miracle. Jeff and Judge Colvin were trying to get home before a storm when a 75-foot tree fell on them. Read the story now.
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Champion Eaters Compete In Nathan's Annual Hot Dog Eating Contest

The Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest Is A "Go" July 4th

Live sports return this Summer to your TV!
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Orlando, Organizations Remember 49 Killed at Pulse Nightclub on Shooting's 4th Anniversary

Numerous organizations including the City of Orlando have spoken out in remembrance of the 49 killed at Pulse Nightclub on the shooting’s 4th anniversary.
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Merriam-Webster to Change Definition of 'Racism' After Request by Missouri Woman

Kennedy Mitchum says internet trolls were copy-and-pasting the definition of racism to try and prove she didn’t understand the word. But soon that definition will change.
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Starbucks Reverses Course, Will Let Employees Wear Black Lives Matter Apparel

Starbucks on Friday said it would allow baristas to wear “Black Lives Matter” shirts and accessories, amid growing backlash over an internal bulletin that said letting employees do so would violate company policy.
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‘Thrill of the Chase’: Treasure Worth Over $1 Million Discovered in Rocky Mountains After 10-Year Search

An anonymous treasure hunter, a decade-long search, and a chest full of gold. What may sound like a 19th-century adventure story is actually a modern tale of two eccentric hobbyists: one, a treasure hunter, and the other, a treasure hider.
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UPDATED: Applications For Orange County Residents $1000 Stimulus Package Have Been Temporarily Suspended

Orange County is offering residents a $1000 stimulus check.
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