Cool Off

Here Is When The Weather Should Cool Off

I've lived in Florida my entire life and I gotta be honest, I'm sick of the heat.
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SeaWorld Orlando

Teachers Get In Free To SeaWorld

Florida teachers don't want to miss this deal!
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Orlando traffic

Morning MIX Traffic Alert

When traffic gets bad in Central Florida, we have the latest info you need to know...
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Here's My Wish List Of Things I Wish Orlando Had

You know, we live in one of the best areas of the country. I truly believe this as I've seen friends and family move to their "dream" city only to move back and say there's nothing like Orlando. I mean, we're no more than 1 hour from a beach, we're home to 8 world-class theme parks, 2 massive...
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Is The Hourglass District Getting A Drastic Makeover?

Change is never easy... especially when it involves your every day living. The area known as the Hourglass District along Curry Ford Road south of downtown and easy of SoDo is currently a hot spot for redevelopment and there was never a true vision. Well, a special panel held workshops to talk with...
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Magical Dining Is Coming Back With A Record Breaking Amount Of Restaurants!

Magical Dining Month returns Aug. 23-Sept. 30! By creating a 3 course pre fixe menu for $35 per person, it allows each diner an experience at their chosen establishment perfect for celebrations, birthdays and/or just new date ideas! It also gives a portion of proceeds to a non-profit which has yet...
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Here Are The Road-Closures Ahead of Trump's Amway Center Rally

President Trump is coming to Orlando on Tuesday, June 18th for a rally at the Amway Center in downtown Orlando. Ahead of his arrival, here are the road-closures you need to know about. These roads will be closed Tuesday ahead of the rally: Central Boulevard Anderson Street South Street Garland...
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What Kind Of Coaster Is SeaWorld Orlando Building?

SeaWorld Orlando has been aggressively changing the mindset of the public and rapidly adding new attractions and offerings for park guests. In the past few years we've seen the addition of Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin, Kraken Unleashed (although virtual reality has been removed,) Mako,...
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10 Things A Native Floridian Hates About Orlando

Hi. I'm CJ. Chances are you've never met me before, but if you are a native Floridian like I am, then perhaps we're more alike than different. For instance, we both probably have lists of things we like and dislike about living in Florida and we've both most likely thought at one point in our lives...
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Top 10 Orlando Roller Coasters Ranked By A Local

With Orlando being the theme park capital of the world, our parks consistently have to up their game when it comes to which rides are their latest and greatest. The "big three" in Orlando are constantly refreshing, updating, tearing out, and building new attractions to up the ante on who is the...
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