Flirting Face Is A Real Thing And Guys Can Easily Spot It

There's something called "Flirting Face" and most guys can easily spot it.
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2/3 Of Single People Have Officially Lowered Their Standards

Two-thirds of singles say they've lowered their standards when it comes to dating for fear of being lonely.
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Cheating mate

Eight "Surprising" Signs Your Partner Might Be Cheating

Experts say these are eight surprising signs your mate isn't being faithful.
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Couple fighting

If People Used "Break-Up Lines" Instead Of "Pick-Up Lines," What Would They Be?

What if couples used break-up lines the same way they used pick-up lines?
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Divorced couple

Divorces Rates Have Skyrocketed In The U.S. Since April

Experts say the divorce rate is way up in the U.S. since the quarantine began.
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Happy couple

The 10 Most Important Things To Have In Common With Your Mate

These are the ten most important things couples should have in common for a successful relationship.
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You'll Spend Two Extra Months In A Relationship To Avoid Breaking-Up

When you realize it's time to end a relationship, do you break-up with the person immediately or will you drag it out for way too long? If you say you avoid the break-up and drag it out, you're not alone. According to The Sun , the average person says they'll usually spend two extra months in a...
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Married couple

Did You Know That January Is Known As "Divorce Month?"

January is known as "Divorce Month."
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5 New Dating Trends To Watch For In 2020

Dating trends in 2020.
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The Best And Worst Cities For Single People

Where should you go if you're single?
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