Orlando traffic

Morning MIX Traffic Alert

When traffic gets bad in Central Florida, we have the latest info you need to know...
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Here Are The Road-Closures Ahead of Trump's Amway Center Rally

President Trump is coming to Orlando on Tuesday, June 18th for a rally at the Amway Center in downtown Orlando. Ahead of his arrival, here are the road-closures you need to know about. These roads will be closed Tuesday ahead of the rally: Central Boulevard Anderson Street South Street Garland...
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A Lesson In How To Merge Onto An Interstate

This morning on my way to work, I noticed a few people who must have forgotten how to merge onto a highway. I was merging onto I4 at Princeton Street where there is a ton of construction and a new traffic pattern and so using an abundance of caution as well as knowing I needed to get up to speed, I...
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Big Changes Coming To I4 / 408 Interchange

The I4 Ultimate construction project is making a lot of progress towards a safer and easier to navigate I4. In order to do so, lanes often are shifted and sometimes there's little notice. However, with this lane shift, transportation officials are giving plenty of warning. If you are traveling on...
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Florida's Turnpike Going Cashless

Pretty soon, Florida's turnpike will be cashless, meaning they will not accept cash as payment. Currently, the turnpike in south Florida is cashless and tolls are paid via SunPass or toll-by-plate. SunPass is a transponder that is placed on your windshield and is connected to a credit card or bank...
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Apparently, Florida's Roads Are The Best In The Country

Results of a study by Lvl5 , a company that creates HD maps to be used by self-driving cars, has found that Florida has the best roads in the entire country! Their findings came about by looking at road quality based on paint fading, pavement cracks, potholes and surface flatness. The top five...
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