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New Photo of Creature in Water Has People Speculating It's the Loch Ness Monster

A photo of a sea creature taken by a tourist in Scotland has some speculating it could be the infamous Loch Ness Monster. The image shows a mysterious form rising up out of the water.
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Loch Ness

Did Someone Get A High-Def Picture Of The Loch Ness Monster?

Did Someone Get a High-Def Photo of the Loch Ness Monster?
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[PHOTO] A Puppy That Looks Like Salvador Dali Has Gone Viral

If I asked you what Salvador Dali looks like, you might not remember off the top of your head. Well, that's until you see the picture of this puppy. There's a five-week-old black-and-white puppy in Dallas who's gone viral on social media because the markings on his face make it look like he's got a...
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Mother-In-Law Wears A White Gown To Her Son's Wedding

This is one way to make sure you don't start off on the right foot with your soon-to-be-daughter! If there's one fashion rule everyone knows, it's don't wear white to a wedding. More importantly, don't wear white that looks lust like a wedding gown either! My mother-in-law wore a wedding dress to...
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