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Hidden Valley Is Selling A Christmas Stocking Filled With Ranch

If you love ranch dressing, you're going to love this!
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Is It Wrong To Send Flowers To Your Girlfriend's BFF To Cheer Her Up?

Is it ok to send your girlfriend's best-friend flowers?
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Baby room

[PHOTO] Mom Spots A Ghost Baby In Her Son's Crib

Did this Mom see a ghost baby in her son's crib?
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[PHOTO] Cops Called Over Halloween Decorations In Car

This is why you buy Halloween decorations in October, not June! There's a woman named Rachel Schmidt from Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada and earlier this month, she was at a garage sale. There was a really cool, very realistic-looking Halloween skeleton decoration for $2, so she bought it...
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A Woman Carried A Lost Puppy To Safety During Her Marathon

We need more people like Khemjira Klongsanun in the world! She's a 43-year-old woman that was recently in Thailand for a marathon and she did something completely awesome! According to Runner's World , she was around seven miles into the race last week when she saw the runners in front of her...
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