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Orlando Named #1 City For Dating In 2019

Who says dating life is hard in Central Florida? Well, lots of people actually. However, there could be some good news for you in 2019! According to a new study by Wallet Hub , Florida isn't so bad for singles! They ranked all 50 states according to 28 factors, like how many single people there are...
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The Most And Least Fun Cities: Orlando Ranks #2

We already know how much fun it is to live in Orlando, but I feel like we should be #1 on this list! Wallet Hub ranked 182 cities from tons of fun to get out as fast as you can and here's the top 10 for both. They used 65 factors including the number of attractions, pools and beaches per capita,...
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The Most And Least Stressed Cities In America

A new study from Wallet Hub ranked the 182 biggest cities in the country from the most stressed to the least. They used 37 different factors, including unemployment, commute times, average income, divorce rates, child care costs and more. The most stressed out city is Detroit. Here are the rest of...
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Orlando Voted #1 City For Parks, Recreation And More

Orlando is the #1 city to get outdoors for some family fun!
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Orlando Named Second Best Soccer City In The United States

With 32 countries getting ready to kick off the World Cup on June 14 in Russia, the personal-finance website WalletHub today released its report on 2018's Best Cities for Soccer Fans. To find the best places for loving on the world’s favorite sport, WalletHub compared nearly 300 U.S. cities with at...
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