The #1 Thing Guys Want For Valentine's Day

Some guys dread Valentine's Day, but not me! How hard is it to get a nice card, make an awesome dinner and get some flowers or a sweet treat they love? Well, we talked about what women want for Valentine's Day on the Morning MIX the other day. But what do guys want? Well, according to a new poll...
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Break The Tie: What Is America's Favorite Christmas Movie?

We could debate this until we're blue in the face, because everyone has a favorite Christmas movie. So, to help, YouGov conducted a survey and asked America their favorite holiday movie and we have a tie! More than 1,200 Americans were given 20 Christmas movies and TV specials to choose from and in...
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Kiley and Dad

The Top 10 Ways Parents Embarrass Their Kids

No matter how cool I think I am, my 15 and 13-year old still think yoI'm probably the least cool person on the planet. A new survey asked kids between 8-17 years old to name the most embarrassing things their parents do and here's their top 10: 1. Telling people stories about me or showing them...
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Patriot Day

Should 9/11 Be Named A Federal Day?

Today marks 17 years since the 9/11 tradegy and a new poll just asked people if it should be a federal holiday... Here are the results from YouGov : 1. 38% say yes, it should be dedicated a federal holiday 2. 42% say it shouldn't 3. The other 20% aren't sure. There is an actual name for this day...
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What's The Most Enjoyable Decade Of Your Life?

So far, what's been your best decade?
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