Women Who Mix

Encouraging women to ignite their authentic selves.


Dana, Amy, Kelsey and Gert are all Women Who Mix! We’re here to lift each other up and inspire all women to live balanced, meaningful, healthier, happier, cork popping lives. Here’s to us!

Women Who Mix: Burnout

So, burnout has now been classified as an official medical condition. We dive into how it's defined and, well...how to deal with it.

Women Who Mix: School's Out for Summer

Confession time! Who kissed boys? Who drank altar wine? Who forged signatures? It's definitely a good thing we're no longer students.

Women Who Mix: Trust Issues

If you found out that a close friend was being cheated on would you tell? Also, what the heck do people get out of spoiling things like Avengers: Endgame and Game of Thrones? 

Women Who Mix: World Creativity & Innovation Week

Creativity is a powerful tool for increasing the positive vibes within us and around us. We talked about cool ways to tap into that, found out which one of us wants Morgan Freeman to deliver their eulogy (okaaay), and also discussed the importance of chasing the light.

Women Who Mix: How's Your Love Life? 

Two of us are married, two of us are single, but, we all love dating! Tell us what you think about dating your spouse, dating yourself and, a new one, blitzkrieg dating.

Women Who Mix: God Made Gert and Gert Don’t Hurt – Getting Along in the Workplace

Dana is worried that, after hearing this, everyone who works for her will want to work for Gert! Work relationships can be challenging, but, we’ve got a few tricks to help put your co-workers in an awesome mood and elevate the overall vibe at work.

Women Who Mix: Meet The Women Who Mix

Who are the Women Who Mix and how can you join us? How did Kelsey get the nickname Dirty Nerdy? What is 'applaud the broad'? It's all in this podcast.

Women Who Mix: Body Image

We’ve gotten together to discuss quite a few things over the past few weeks - asking for what you want, setting your own agenda, and even a few naughty things. But, for our first podcast, we dove into the nagging issue of self acceptance, beauty, and a totally cool mom lesson from P!NK.